Printers+ is an enhanced front-end for the RISC OS Printing system. Printers+ provides a number of enhanced features over the standard RISC OS Printers application, including support for remote network printers, and access to some advanced printer features.


Printers+ 1.91a has now been released, and can be downloaded using the links on the right. Printers+ 1.91a fixes a number of bugs in the 1.91 release, and adds some additional features to allow integration with external configuration applications. For full information on the changes see the ReadMe contained within the Printers+ 1.91a download, and the developer documentation.

Bug reports/feature requests

Printers+ is hosted as an open source project on provides the ability to track feature requests and bug reports for hosted projects, and the Printers+ project will be making use of these facilities. Please use the links on the right to report a bug, or to request a new feature in Printers+.

Mailing lists

The Printers+ project currently has three mailing lists. The announce list will be used for the announcement of new releases of the Printers+ application. The users list is for user discussion of Printers+. The development list is for discussion of the development of open source Printers+. To subscribe to any of the lists please use the links on the right.

CVS Access

The best way to get the current version of the source code is to retrieve it from the CVS repository. The access information for the CVS repository is as follows:

 CVS Server:
 CVS repository root: /cvsroot/roprinters
 Module to check out: ManagerPlus
 User: anonymous
 Password: <blank>

If you have one of the CVS ports listed on the right the appropriate commands in order to check out the ManagerPlus module would be as follows (when prompted for a password just press return):

 cvs -z3
  checkout ManagerPlus

This will retrieve the full sources for Printers+ necessary to build a distribution.


In order to build Printers+ you will need the following tools:

Acorn C/C++ - Uses c++ preprocessor, and objasm
Perl - A suitable version is linked on the right

The source contains a number of obey files designed to build various parts of the Printers+ application, or a full distribution.

The !!Setup file sets a number of paths and aliases needed in order to build Printers+, and may require customising according to your own environment. The !!Setup file includes comments to help you customise as appropriate.

To build the Printers+ application it should only be necessary to run !!Setup, and then to run !MkInstall. Printers+ will be built in the directory Installed (or a directory of your choice if you modify !!Setup).

As the sourceforge release covers the Printers+ front-end and not the PDumper back-ends the generated application will not contain the necessary PDumper modules. In order to build a full distribution it is therefore necessary to copy the contents of the Modules and PDumpers directories from an existing copy of Printers+, or copy over the skeleton Printers+ application.

Known issues

Build issues -
PDumper modules must be copied from an existing installation (or the skeleton application)

Printing System Documents

Printers+ programmers documentation

RISC OS Printing system description (from Foundation Risc User)

RISC OS 4 Printing changes

Printers+ Releases

Printers+ 1.91a
Printers+ 1.91a source

Report a bug
Request a feature

Printers+ Links

Sourceforge developers page

Web CVS access

Skeleton Printers+ application

Mailing lists -

Useful Tools

Gimp-Print for RISC OS

CVS ports -
John Tytgat
Maarten Bezemer

Perl port -
Alex Waugh



Last updated: 25 January, 2004